Jewelry on display

When we had wardrobes in the bedroom, my jewelry was hanging on the backs of the doors in the jewelry organizers I used to make.  But when we removed the wardrobes, I was ready for something new.

Candle holders as jewelry hangers

Now it’s all hanging on two wall-mounted candle holders that we’ve had laying around for a very, very long time.

Necklaces are hanging on the branches and earrings and rings, and the Hubs’ cufflinks are in the dishes that are meant to hold the candles.

Jewelry organizers

I’m still waffling on the arrangement, only because it makes the area feel a little cluttered to me.  So it may or may not be moved in the future.  For right now, we have other projects to get to.

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Our new closet reveal

Our dressers and wardrobes have been sold. But those are 4 pieces of furniture that will not be replaced, because we built an open wardrobe in the bedroom.


One thing I loved, loved, loved about the open storage in the kitchen is how much easier it is to keep everything neat and orderly.

I know, it’s weird. It’s not like opening a cabinet door is that much work. I don’t understand how or why it’s so much easier…it just is.


An issue we struggled with in keeping the bedroom tidy is piling things on any available surface (dresser tops, nightstands, etc). When there is no surface available, we won’t have the option to be lazy, so we should suck it up and put stuff away, where it belongs.  Hopefully.

While our closet is mostly finished, it still needs some adjustments, and there is still a lot of work to do in the room, so updates will continue.  But we’ve been using it for a couple weeks now, and we love it so far.  It almost feels like getting dressed in a boutique.  And our bedroom feels so much bigger without all that furniture.

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I love black interior doors.  The vast majority of interior doors are either stained wood (which is nice) or white (which is fine), but both are very…expected.  Either way, we usually don’t even notice the doors when we look at a room.

A funny thing happens when doors are painted black, though.  The doors themselves still basically go unnoticed, but we definitely notice the different mood of the room.  They add a lot of sophistication.  It’s been called a trend lately, but it’s actually been done for ages.


So, yes, I’m talking about doors and then showing you a picture of a window.  Sorry.  But it does have the exact same effect.  (I didn’t get a “before” picture of my door.)  See how the white has a very sweetfeminine look?  Especially when it’s paired with a soft color.

(Oh!  Off topic, but this is the perfect illustration of natural light vs. overhead light that I told you about–I forgot to turn off the overhead light.  See how the right side of the trim looks yellowish and the blue wall looks muddy?  The left side is a more accurate representation because the ceiling was blocking the overhead light.  Also, harsh shadows.  And a step stool.  Back to the subject…)


The window and the door aren’t painted a true black.  It’s the very, very dark purple I’ve used throughout the house.  Which, while the difference would be subtle when comparing the two colors side-by-side, they would show very differently in the finished product.  If it isn’t carefully planned, a true black could look harsh very easily.

You can see a few things we have done in the corners of the photos and a few things we haven’t done yet.  Next week, I’ll show you the whole room.

Please note: links in this post may be affiliate links.