You need to read this book

Seriously.  If there’s anything about your home’s layout or functionality that isn’t working for you, you need to read this book.  (This is not a sponsored post–I am highly recommending it for free.)

The first floor of our house has had me stumped for a while.  (Because you know I have decorating ADD and can’t just think about the project[s] I’m already working on.)

Our kitchen has a semi-closed off breakfast area and a dining room.  For the two of us, it was just redundant.  Especially since the breakfast table was only about 6 feet away from the dining table.  At any given time, one of them was just acting as a junk collector.  Ick.

I’d been trying to think of ways to use the spaces better for months, but I was still stumped.  So I was very excited while browsing the library shelf to see this book:

Right-sizing Your Home, an excellent book about how to make your current house work for you

Right-Sizing Your Home: How to Make Your House Fit Your Lifestyle by Gale C. Steves (affiliate link)

The book really has nothing to do with the size of your home; it’s about making the home you already have work for you.  Not by remodeling either (while you could definitely do that–and they have advice for that too), a lot of the ideas you’ll get when you read it could be done for free by just changing furniture around.  It’s about re-thinking the way you actually use your house and the way your house is currently arranged.


The book is well-organized, starting from the beginning of how and why to re-think your whole house, before going into the details of each room, one per chapter.  There are even pages in each chapter with general dimension guides and extra things to think about if you have kids.


Thanks to some thoughts provoked by the book, we have a solution to the breakfast area/dining room issue (and a couple other issues too!), but there are still some details we need to work out…and of course, it adds another project to our list.  Good thing we like projects.


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Bedroom update

Monday, around lunch time, I posted our platform bed for sale and we had a full-price offer almost immediately, for delivery yesterday.  So I went straight to work dismantling it and building the new frame that’s been sitting in the corner of our bedroom for quite a while.

We wanted a bed higher off the floor than the platform, but not something too high (only partially because it would be a huge jump for the dog).  ;)  Instead of a boxspring, we got the fancy bed slats from IKEA.  Which consisted of over 200 pieces and took 10 times longer to put together than the actual bed frame.  After sleeping on the cheapest IKEA slats for the last 6+ years, these new ones are AMAZING.


We got a new rug too!  It was a dream rug of mine–I had pinned it on Pinterest as inspiration, never intending to actually buy it because it cost way more than we were willing to spend on a rug.  But, back in the clearance section of Crate & Barrel, where they put the floor models, there it was, for a fraction of the cost.

Originally, I was considering a patterned, fabric headboard, but not with this rug and blanket.  I’m crazy about this headboard from Anthropologie, but again, way more than we want to spend, and we only need a headboard anyway.  The blanket was given to us by my parents many years ago.  It’s also Crate and Barrel (amazing how much that store’s style has changed).

A big bonus of having the bed off the ground is that the dog’s bed slides (mostly) underneath during the day, which makes the room feel so much bigger and easier to navigate.

Still to do in the bedroom:

  • Paint the ceiling
  • Find a headboard
  • Buy (make?) nightstands

PS: the rope project is still underway–it really shouldn’t take this long, but it will someday be installed.