Making rope from fabric

I was working on a project this week that I needed rope for.  But I didn’t want to drive all the way to the home improvement store just for one thing.  So, being impatient frugal, I raided what little I have left of a fabric stash, and made the rope out of some thrift store lace.

If you don’t know how to make a rope, it’s very simple.  Tie your two strips together at one end, then twist each strip in the same direction.  After a couple twists, twist them both together in the opposite direction of the individual twists, like this:


Tie a knot when you get to the end.  That’s all there is to it.

(And I didn’t notice until looking at the photo above that our door catch is not lined up with the knob.  Ugh, that’s going to drive me crazy now.)


This would be really nice with some jersey knit (or old t-shirts), but that would have been to stretchy for what I needed these for.

As long as we can get it finished, I’ll show you what I made the rope for on Friday!

The hallway makeover (and part 2 of stripping the floors)

After stripping the gunk off the hallway floor, it needed to be sanded.  I’m very glad I ended up sanding them down a little too, it is so much softer to walk on.

The sanding didn’t help much with the water stains themselves, but it evened all the colors and tones enough to look well-aged and well-lived-in.  In fact, once I was done sanding, it reminded me a lot of all the floors I used as inspiration for the last dollhouse.


I sanded them with my little hand-held sander.  Which is actually on its deathbed.  In fact, it attempted suicide a couple times during the process.  I can’t say I was happy it didn’t succeed…this guy has given me trouble from the beginning.  But it did hold on and we finished the floor.


AND, once the floor was finished, we finally put baseboards up.  We’re not sure why, but when the previous owners put drywall up in here, they left it a good inch-and-a-half (in some spots) off the floor.  Even with the 4″ baseboard up, shoe moulding was required to cover the giant gaps between the crooked wall and the floor.

We added baseboard cap to match the house’s original baseboards, and then caulked and painted it all.  Here is our progress so far (unfortunately, the walls were already half-painted in the “before” photo, but imagine them all the dingy, flat yellow).


I also painted a little pattern on the plywood where the floor grate used to be, just a temporary measure until we figure out what to do there.  But in the mean time, it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb anymore.

Just a few more things left to do in here and this space will be done!

A free upgrade for a drab light fixture

When we moved in, the house had a boob light in the hallway.  We quickly replaced it with this thing:


It was only a few dollars at an architectural salvage store.  (It’s not old though, they are still selling it at the home improvement store for about$75.)  I’ve been wanting to replace it for a couple years with something that’s more our style, but haven’t.  To tide us over until then, I sanded off the dull, dirty yellow finish it had.


I was hopeful that it was just paint, and it was, so with a very coarse sanding block, it came right off.  The sanding took a while, but it was easy of course, and it was a free upper body workout.  That glass piece is a lot bigger than it looks when you’re trying to hold it and sand it.


But we actually kind of like it now, so it will probably stay for quite a while.  It’s subtle, but it makes a big difference.