The First Annual Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Contest

Update: the 2014 contest has its own website.  You can check it out here.

Once upon a time (about a year ago), in Blogland, there was a challenge issued to design a little house.  Many people were very excited about this challenge and went all out to create their own little dream space.  That annual dollhouse challenge is back this year.  Only with a new name, new host, on a new website and this time there are prizes!

Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Challenge.  Design an awesome dollhouse.  Win prizes.

What exactly is the challenge?

Yes, it’s adults building and/or decorating dollhouses.  No, it’s not weird.  Check this out:


No, that’s not a real cellar.  That’s the cellar in the dollhouse of Queen Mary of England.  Yep, the Queen had a dollhouse.

Most of us have ideas and plans and Pinterest boards for our very own extravagant dream house.  Well, now you can go ahead and build it.  Dreaming of  gourmet kitchen with a Viking range and a  Smeg fridge?  You can have one in your dollhouse, for only a few dollars if you are up for the simple DIY.  An ultra modern house maybe?  Or maybe you want a loft bunk with a slide and a swing in a bedroom?

Tiny Fixation loft slide swing in bedroom

This dollhouse contest is not limited to actual houses, either.  Dream of running your own small business?  How about making a bakery, clothing boutique, teahouse in Japan?

So, why would you join this challenge?  Well, besides the fact that you get to build your dream house, make new friends, gain a new hobby and have a lot of fun, you can win a $100 gift card.  If you win first place, that is.  There are two more prizes to be had: a $50 gift card for second place and a $25 gift card for third place.  Each winner will get to choose from a gift card for Etsy, Michaels or Home Goods.

$100 gift card

The three winners of the dollhouse contest will be determined by you, wise mini judges.  Once the challenge is over on the evening of May 8th, voting will begin.  Anyone is welcome to vote, whether you participated in the challenge or not, and each voter gets to cast up to three votes (only one vote per dollhouse).  So spread the word, especially if you are participating!  , and get your friends to join in and vote.

The dollhouse contest officially begins right now.  For all the details and extra goodies, bookmark the page made just for the dollhouse challenge.  If you don’t already have your dollhouse or shoebox or guitar case, that’s fine, just link up a picture of yourself…or your cat…or your breakfast.  Then once you get your hands on your dollhouse, come back and update the link.  Ready?  Go!




    • says

      That would be great, Ginger, I’m excited to see what you do!

      To join, just click on the blue button near the bottom of the post that says “Add your link” You can link from a blog or a photo sharing site (like Flickr). Don’t worry if you don’t have a photo yet, you can always come back and edit your link.

    • says

      I added your button to my blog and will post about it this week. Will probably keep my viewers updated is that ok, or do you want me to wait for the big reveal on your blog???

  1. says

    Just checked out your contest and the other associated links. Wow! I’m not sure I’m handy enough to make dolls house furniture to the required standard, but the whole concept is fab!
    I remember as a child snaffling anything that could be made into dolls’ props – matchboxes, novelties out of christmas crackers… basically ANYTHING miniature! Would love to do a dolls house and enter, but not sure I have the time or skill to make something worthy…

    • says

      The only requirement here is that you have fun with a new hobby! Last year was my very first dollhouse, so I am not really qualified to host such a challenge, but I’m doing it anyway. Please join in, we would love to have you!

  2. says

    Yipee! I dont have the wherewithall for a house this time but imi sure i can rustle up something small and cool that a doll would covet…good for you for picking up the (dropped) doll house challenge baton andvrunning with it x

  3. says

    I am glad to join the contest !
    I may not have time enough to finish my project but … I will try hard !
    Thank you for this nice idea that allows me to share with our lovely community 😉
    Have a nice week end !
    Marie-Laure from the rainy Paris.

  4. says

    yay… just read about this on Large and in Charge and am all bubbly with excitement – considering I was up browsing before the birds as I didn’t sleep well, that is saying something!

  5. says

    Ok, I entered my link but forgot to add “otterine” since some people might recognize that and not my name…brae. I can’t edit it now, though. Let the fun begin!!! 😀

    • says

      So sorry, Brae. This is the first time I have used this linking tool and I was hoping we’d be able to make edits as the contest progresses, but that’s just not possible with this tool. If you (or anyone else) would like to update, the only option is to delete the old link and re-enter the contest.

      In any case, I am SO excited that you joined. I am amazed by your talent and can’t wait to see what you do.

    • says

      I don’t know how to delete the link. If you can, great; if not, I promise not to lose sleep over it! Haaa! Thanks so much for the compliments and for hosting the contest!


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