Powder room reveal: 2 years in the making

The powder room is complete!

Powder room decorating ideas on a budget | Little Victorian

It started out as this:


We only planned on replacing the toilet and sink at first.  Then there were some issues with the floor.  So since we were going to pull it up anyway, we got these tiles to replace the vinyl planks:

Marble hex tile

And then we found some mold behind the baseboard while preparing to install the floor.  So we replaced a wall too.  And it looked like this for a while.

Powder room torn apart

But, since we were adding a new wall, it made building in a cubby above the sink easy.

Built in wall cubby in powder room

If you’ve been following along, you know it was 100% DIY, from the marble tile floor to installing the thrifted ceiling light.  We had a meltdown setback after grouting the beautiful new floor, but were able to fix it cheaply and naturally.  We built the sink base from scratch out of reclaimed fence posts purchased at an architectural salvage store.

Powder room remodel, building sink base

And we made the vessel sink from a $12 serving bowl.

Serving bowl to vessel sink | Little Victorian

We painted the walls and ceiling, installed trim around the door (there was just a big hole when we moved in) and hung a mirror.

Round hanging mirror

I’m crazy about this cute mirror, but it’s a little too small with a 15” diameter.  Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but since the Hubs is almost a foot taller than me, he is at the very top end of the mirror and I’m at the very bottom…  The design should be a fairly simple DIY, right?  Maybe someday I’ll make a bigger version of it.

Originally, the room was lit by one ugly wall sconce.  But this room has the highest ceiling in the house, so we were absolutely going to take advantage and hang a light fixture in the center.  The geometric light was a salvaged bright brassy number for under $10.  I spray painted it brushed nickel and then sanded off the high spots to age it a little.

Vintage ceiling light, updated

I’m quite pleased how much we were able to stick to the original mood board this time!

Powder room mood board

This little 3×6 room feels so much bigger (and less awkward!) than it did before.

Powder room before and after

Total cost was under $500.  We didn’t save the receipts for an exact total, but here is the ballpark for each item:

  • $150 for the faucet and sink
  • $150 for the reclaimed wood
  • $100 for the marble tile
  • $50 for the stuff The Hubs put down under the tile
  • $30 for the paint
  • Everything else, we had on hand

There you have it!  2 years after the powder room was rendered unusable because of structural floor issues, it’s back together.  And in style.  We’re pretty happy with it.  What do you think?



  1. says

    Great job, the floor and the mirror are the highlights for me. Going to show my husband that floor and start mithering him for one like it in our bathroom!

  2. says

    Great result! The shelf in the wall looks as though it has been there forever. The floor is stunning, actually the whole little room is stunning!

  3. meredith / missouri says

    I think I’d have painted the wall behind the toilet in that gorgeous blue. Other than that, it looks really nice.

  4. Susan says

    I love everything about this bathroom. I especially love the lighting. I’ve been looking for hex tiles like yours but they are so expensive. Where did you find them so cheap?

    • Christina says

      Thank you, Susan! We got them at Home Depot, the reason we were able to splurge on them was because we only had less than 18 square feet to cover. But, we absolutely love them, they’d be worth saving up for if you have a bigger space.

  5. Lee Ann says

    Really nice! I love it. Especially your reclaimed wood vanity. Can you tell me how you cut the hole in the bowl you used as your vessel sink? Was it difficult to do? I absolutely love the results and the money saving potential.

    • Christina says

      Thank you! The sink wasn’t difficult at all. You just need a diamond bit hole saw from the DIY store, they are made for cutting ceramic and glass. We can’t remember exactly how much it cost, but we think it was around $20.

    • says

      The mirror was from Target, but I’m not sure if they still have it. I have seen lots of similar DIYs on Pinterest though…they’d be worth checking out if Target doesn’t carry it anymore.

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